Online Publications:

"In This Dream of Waking, A Weaver" at As/Us Journal

"On Ocular Oversight" at Ducts

"A Survivor's Guide" at The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review
"The World Doesn't Wait for the Dead" at The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review

"His Mother's Son" at District

The Pre-positioned" at A Bad Penny Review
"What It Will Be Like" at A Bad Penny Review

"Falling";"Discourse";"High-Water Mark" at Drunken Boat

"Beginning Again with Zer0" at Anderbo

"Black Out" at Foliate Oak

"The Wreck" at The Collagist

"The Makers" at The Doctor T..J. Eckleburg Review

Featured Online Commentary:

"A Review of Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir by Deborah A. Miranda" at Quarterly West

"An Open Letter to Johnny Depp Tonto" at McSweeney's Internet Tendency

"Red Riot: Emerging Native American Poetics" at Girls In A Tight Place

Print Publications:

""The Animal Kingdom"
The Ocean State Review: Summer 2013

"If It Were Just A Bit of Poison"
Mission at Tenth: Issue 4

"The Trickster Surfs The Floods" (non-fiction)
Fugue: Issue #43 (Summer/Fall)

"a Holy One Comes to Being" (poetry)
Yellow Medicine Review: Fall 2012

"Second Sight" (fiction)
The Los Angeles Review: Issue No. 11 (Spring '12)

"The Way of Wounds" (non-fiction) 
The Florida ReviewNative Issue 35.1

"With Teeth" (fiction)
Western Humanities Review: Winter 2010


"Discourse"; "High-Water Mark"
Women Write Resistance (Blue Light Press, 2013)

"Last Supper"
Last Night On Earth (So Say We All Press, 2012)

About Natanya


Natanya Ann Pulley is half-Navajo, born Kiiyaa’aanii (Towering House Clan). Shicheii is Tachiinii (Red Running Into Water Clan). 

Natanya is a writer of fiction and non-fiction with outbreaks in poetry. She fancies collage as well. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota and teaches Creative Writing. Her fields of interest include: Narrative Theory, Disabilities Theory, Horror/Monster Theory, Graphic Novel Studies, Native American Literature, and New Media and Experimental texts. Natanya is also the Fiction Editor of South Dakota Review.

She is a pack animal and shares her home in Vermillion, SD, with her husband JP and two dogs (Mojo and Voodoo). She attempts cooking from time to time, but mostly reads, writes, watches both good and bad TV and loves Scrabble games on her robot phone. Natanya is plugged in.



Email: natanya.pulley (at)

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